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Happy School Holiday To All Teachers

Planning for Your School Holidays

Budget Holiday Ideas
Long school holidays can get expensive and teachers need to be clever and prepared so that they do not end up blowing the entire year’s budget on keeping their children busy for a month. Even staying at home can feel like an exciting outing as long as you use a little imagination. Have an outdoors day where you picnic in the garden, plant some flowers, play hide and seek and just stay outside all day. Going indoors in the evening is like coming home after a long day out.

Take your kids to work with you one day if this is allowed. Take along pens and colouring books and when you can, show your child around so that they can learn about what you do all day. There are many other outings that you can go on that do not cost a fortune. Examples, take a novel train trip to the beach for a picnic, and explore the rock pools and build sand castle. Head out to your local parks to play and find a river or lake where you can feed the ducks and the fish. Go to story time at your local library and then let your children choose their own books to take home.

Take a drive to the forest or botanical gardens nearest to your house. Read your children a book about a forest or magical garden and then let them make up their own story in amongst the trees. If your children are a little older, have a day of cooking where they can plan and execute everything. Let them plan the menu, go shopping with you and learn how to cook their chosen meal. They then have to set the table and serve dinner – this is a great way for them to learn and be kept busy for a whole day!

Hope all the teachers in Malaysia have a good plan for their holidays and enjoy their holidays as well.


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