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Take Care Your Body

Cikgu: Please take CARE your body

Cikgu (Teachers), if you want to teach longer as you thought, you better take care your body from now on. Why and how to do it? Please read this article carefully and try your best to practice it.

Diseases are caused by “weight pain, high sugar uptake, excessive eating, smoking and pressure.” Diseases are our own choice, and it’s up to us to decide whether to fall sick or be healthy.

Why must we have healthy body? The answer is very simple, if we are unhealthy, we will suffer from various diseases in our old age, and life would be meaningless even if we live long. We have a prospect towards the entire society, i.e. to cultivate a health preserving culture for the health of all, reduce diseases caused by life habits, and save medical cost which is very expensive nowadays. This if for the purpose of achieving a disease-free, happy and long life society.

According to the Victoria Declaration initiated by WHO in 1992, “if you wish to live healthily, you must adhere to the following 4 main health cornerstones: reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, quit smoking and restrict alcohol, maintain a balance state of mind.

The best doctor in the world: Self-healing ability

As early as 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates (460BC-377BC), the Father of Medicine had stressed that, “human body has the ability to restore health”. Such ability is the ‘doctor’ for a patient, and this ‘doctor’ merely helps human body to develop its own self-healing ability.

The new health maxim for the 21st century is “the best doctor is own self, the best prescription is knowledge, and the best medication is food”.


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