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Blogging Webs For Teachers

10 Useful Free Blogging Webs For Teachers

Blogging is becoming so popular nowadays among the teachers in the school or in the classroom. Teachers can blog about anything in school to stay in touch with students and also to their parents or they can incorporate blogs from all of the students as a learning tool or ABM (Alat Bantu Mengajar). The beauty of the student blog is that children from primary to high school can blog. No matter how you use the blogs in your classroom or just at your house, these free blogging webs will help all the teachers get started, enhance your experience, or bring the students into the learning fun. Go to the webs below to find out which type of blogs are suitable for you to create your first ‘Cikgu Blog‘ , ‘School Blog‘ or ‘Personal Blog‘.

Create Your First Cikgu Blog / Teacher Blog / School Blog / Student Blog

Creating a blog is the first step. The following resources all offer blog publishing. Some of these are aimed specifically at school blogs while others are available for anyone.

  1. Class Blogmeister. Created as a blogging platform specifically for educators, this free service will get you and your students blogging in no time. An added bonus to this service is that it is rarely blocked by school filters due to it’s specific safety features.
  2. Edublogs. Another blogging platform made just for educators, this service is based on WordPress, so comes with all the features of WordPress. Another benefit of Edublogs is the short and simple URLs for the blogs that make it easy to share with parents.
  3. WordPress. Get a free blog with WordPress and you will also have access to plenty of tools such as spellcheck, integrated stats tracker, and spam protection. This is one of the more popular blogging platforms.
  4. Blogger. Another popular blogging publisher, Blogger is teamed up with Google and offers lots of tools to make your blogging experience easier. You will need a Google account to create a blog with these folks.
  5. TypePad. TypePad lets you select from thousands of designs and has lots of widgets, custom banners, and more. However, this service is not free. You can take advantage of a free trial before you decide to pay the low monthly fee or annual subscription, though.
  6. LiveJournal. In addition to providing a blog, LiveJournal also makes it easy to create a social network through the blogs. This might work great for your class if all the students will have their own blog as well.
  7. Moveable Type. Another free blog publisher, Moveable Type offers many of the same features as the others with a spam blocker, templates, and more.
  8. Tumblr. Not really a full-fledged blogging platform, Tumblr is designed for smaller posts and a much more personalized experience. If you aren’t ready to go the way of the blog, this might be a good way to get your feet wet.
  9. Windows Live Writer. Get a Space in Windows Live and download Live Writer to start blogging with this publisher. You can connect with others, post video, and more with Live Writer.
  10. Thingamablog. All you need to get started with this blog platform is FTP, SFTP, or access to a server. The setup wizard will guide you through the steps of getting your blog in place.

Have fun with these free blogging webs/tools. Happy blogging to all teachers in Malaysia.


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