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Types Of Process Skills

What is S.P.S  & Types of Process Skills

Science precess skills can be divided into two classes: the basic science process skills and the integrated scinece prodess skills. Classification of science process skills (SPS). Observing is the most basic skill, whereas experimenting is the uppermost process skill.

What is Basic Science Process Skills?

Basic science processes involve analysis and empirical procdures that are used in scientific practical work and in everyday life. A child shows understanding of a basic science skill if her or she is able to observe, classify, measure and use numbers, make inferences, predict, communicate and use the space-time relationship.

What is Integrated Science Process Skills?

Integrated science prodess skills are complex precesses that combine two or more basic science precesses. This means that the student requires the ability to think at a higher level because he needs to consider more than one thougt simultaneously. Thus, basic science precess skills are the precondition for integrated science precess skills. Integrated science skills are necessary for carrying out experiments. These intergrated skills are to assess information, define operationally, control variables, make hypotheses and conduct experiments.

What are the Importance of Science Process Skills?

Science educators are of the opinion that learning science precess skills menas ‘learning how to learn’. Children learn through critical thinking and by using information creatively. They discover the learning method when making wise observations, organising and analysing facts and concepts, and assessing the experiment results as well as by making inferences based on proof obtained. Children also learn to predict what would happen of the situation governing a natural phenomenon changes.


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