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Malaysia Teachers And Trainers

Teachers And Trainers For The Future

The ILO estimates that unemployment is up by more than 30 million worldwide since 2007. As the ILO’s Global Jobs Pact adopted in 2009 sets out, one of the key policy solutions to ending the worldwide jobs crisis will be squipping the workforce with the skills needed for employability. Delegates representing workers, employers, and ministries of labour and education from 43 countries, meeting in Geneva on 29-30 September, suggested policies and measures to be urgently put in place to strengthen technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems worldwide.

The Global Dialoque Forum on Vocational Education and Training examined how TVET systems can deal with employment and workplace challenges through balanced skills development that responds more closely to real workplace needs.

A need for closer cooperation between employers and unions, schools and other stakeholders involved in TVET in order to deliver and assess outcomes has become apparent. Specific skills development strategies for economic sectors and those developed by major groups of countries such as the G20 have emerged in response to htese challenges.


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